Greece is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. Tourism in Greece is the dream of a lifetime for many people, as shown by surveys conducted in different countries around the world. It is worth mentioning that Greece holds the 15th place of the world’s tourism rating.

Greece and the Greek islands are mostly famous for the wonderful, sunny weather, the crystal clear beaches, the historical sites, cultural events and picturesque villages. Tourism in Greece has flourished over the last decades but, in such a short time, has managed to develop all the necessary facilities in order to offer tourists a comfortable and enjoyable Greece vacation. You will find every type of accommodation there, from villas, luxurious hotels to rooms to let and camping sites. Greece is the perfect place whether you want to enjoy a luxurious holiday or a cheap holiday. To make things easier for you and avoid all these booking troubles and procedures, have in mind that there are various holiday packages that include tours,cruises and island hopping options.

Greek islands are visited by millions of tourists all year round. The peak season starts in May and ends in September, due to the wonderful, sunny days that are bound to make your holidays even more special. It rarely rains in summer, though some Greece resorts can get quite windy. However, every single Greek resort will definitely enchant you with its special architecture, delicious gastronomy, impressive castles and endless nightlife…

Every island works nowadays as an individual holiday attraction where tourists can take a view of the Greek traditional ways of life, admire the cultural influence of the foreign occupations, do some sightseeing and experience water sports, such as sailing, sea safari, scuba diving, sea kayak and windsurfing. For more fun, try to spend a day in the theme parks or take a motorboat cruise. Many islands, such as Mykonos, Ios, Corfu and Rhodes, are also ideal for party animals, because they organize wild beaches parties that last till the morning.

If you are about to get married soon, have also in mind that Greece is a wonderful place to celebrate your love and exchange vows. Many tourists choose to perform their wedding ceremonies in Greece and especially in the Greek island of Santorini, the time when the sun sets in the sea and the sky is painted in a soft orange color. After getting married, you can spend an amazing honeymoon in Greece, as you will have the chance to drive a car or a motorbike around the Greek mainland and sail across the Greek seas.

Apart from summer holidays, there is a great effort by the Greek state to promote winter holidays as well. Many ski resorts have been created in various areas of Greece mainland, with the cooperation of the local municipalities, the Greek governments and the E.U. These ski resorts compete the great European ski centres in terms of facilities, but hold the advantage of being cheaper.

The Greek countryside is also ideal for new types of tourism, ecology tourism (ecotourism), geotourism andactive tourism that addresses to nature lovers and includes practicing various types of activities, such as visiting mineral areas, protected areas but also canoeing, river trekking and rafting in the deep rivers,mountain biking, rock climbing, jeep tours, horse riding or just some walking and bird watching in the steep mountains and the Greek National Parks. However, we should always make sure that our activities do not disturb but protect the environment. If you are fond of some even more extreme sports, try bungee jumping,kite surfing or wakeboarding. If you prefer more relaxing sports, then golf holidays and gymnastics are more suitable for you.

However, if active holidays do not attract you at all, Greece offers other alternative types of holiday, too. Theart holiday is ideal for those sensitive people who have artistic points of character. Discovery holidays and archaeological holidays are perfect for history lovers. Yoga holiday and also recreational activities & excursions are available. Working holidays are especially organized for people who want to offer voluntary work in archaeological excavations or social projects. If you do not want to work voluntary, you can certainly get a job in Greece for the summer, or for even more. Furthermore, people with a deep faith to God can practice religious holidays and pay a visit to the uncountable churches and monasteries of Greece. These last years spa holidays have known a great flourishing and many spa centres have been created to serve human physical beauty and relaxation. Greece has also developed a special medical holiday type and many people come to Greece from abroad to recover from their illnesses in clinics or the natural thermal springs that have helped Greece to flourish some therapeutic tourism. Moreover, an increasing number of companies and institutions choose Greece to host their meetings and conferences.

Greece is an ideal tourist destination for both families and individuals. Some resorts are more suitable for a comfortable family holiday while others fit more to couples, singles or gay people. If you are even practicingnaturist holidays, nudism is allowed in some remote beaches.

Along with its beautiful landscapes and beaches, Greece is also famous for its ancient culture. Do not miss to visit some Greek museums and ancient sites while in the country and taste some traditional food and delicious Greek wine.

Your vacations in Greece will definitely stay in your mind for many years to come! It is easy to reach Greece by all means of transport and getting around within the country’s limit is equally easy. For any trouble or information, you can contact the travel agencies and the branches of the Greek National Tourism Organization which are spread around all over the country.